Things to see, part 3

Modesty is a Dutch virtue

Holland is a small country. We don't like the grandeur of larger countries.
In Holland there is the saying:
Act normal, that makes you enough of an eccentric.

In daily speech we use the diminutive more often than not.
Een kopje koffie --- A small coffee
Een pilsje --- A small beer
Een broodje --- A small sandwich
Small is beautiful and the Dutch youth is the tallest of the world.

So have a look at our impressive small statues

Our impressively minute parking space 'Klein Amerika'
Little America with its little Amerindian

And an advertisement from a department store to bring you 'in all states'.

Even in spiritual matters we seem to be modest. This bridge is not called 'God's bridge' but 'Emergency god's bridge'. They even named a former chapel in the same way. Generations have wondered about the meaning of this name.

Yes, we are modest, but No, you cannot beat us. We are strong as lions. At the soccer field we sing with thousands of people (free translation) 'don't put socks instead of soccer shoes on the strong paws of our national lion'. It helps, we think...

It didn't...