Products, part 3

Something old, something new
Something friendly & a wooden shoe

The pottery and tiles industry in Gouda has a very long tradition. Gouda boasted many factories and was well known for its special style.
Unfortunately, many of the factories closed down. At some places, you can see the last neglected remnants of a glorious past.
There are still quite a lot of factories left, but there is no longer a typical Gouda-style. But there is hope for the future. Artisans have taken up the old craft of pottery again. Who knows, perhaps a new Golden Age of Gouda pottery dawns.

The Dutch product that is best known internationally is wooden shoes. And indeed, it is part of the Dutch culture. One of our folk-dances is called the ' wooden shoe- dance ', on music with the slow beat of the tuba and with the corresponding light-footedness.

But actually, the use of wooden shoes is rather out of date. It is rumored that today there are more wooden shoes to be found in the United States, brought there by tourists, than in all of the Netherlands. But then, when you visit a gas station for boats and cars, you see:

Sometimes, you see people wearing them. And I can tell you, if you are not used to it, it really hurts. But, essentially, life is about work and pain, isn't it?


After all this nostalgia, let us look at the modern products, like computer hardware. In a shop that reflects the old traditions you can buy everything you need. And the service is really old-fashioned. When in need, people are ready to help you. Thank you, Daniel Vriend, your name suits you.

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